Advantages of RADO – our customers benefit from these strengths

As a medium-sized company in the rubber processing industry, RADO is the partner you can rely on for producing Compounds based on all common rubber types. Our primary focus is on manufacturing fluoro, silicone and speciality rubber compounds, which are each produced in dedicated production plants to ensure maximum purity. With the experience and knowledge we have gained over almost 60 years of operations, we are in a position to offer you tangible advantages.

Personal support for our customers

RADO does not consider individual customer support to be a luxury; for us it's a matter of course. Our directors – very well-regarded in the industry and valued for their discretion and professionalism – act as your personal contacts. At RADO our directors are not cloistered on the top floor somewhere. Instead they are fully engaged in the business processes, from purchasing through to sales (end-to-end).

All polymers covered

Our product diversity is one of our greatest advantages. Our in-house database contains well over 1000 raw materials. In our warehouses, several hundred tonnes of raw material are waiting at any one time to be processed.

The main constituent of our compounds is natural rubber, of which there are 20 to 25 different types. We process both natural rubber harvested on plantations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam and synthetic rubber obtained by special polymerisation processes. We also add additional substances such as light-coloured fillers or carbon blacks, crosslinking agents, plasticisers, accelerators, coloured pigments and various other chemicals.

RADO's experienced developers and chemists decide what ingredient to use in what amount in each formulation. Their wealth of experience enables us to produce all conceivable polymers in any form.

Good in-house product development

We do not rest on our laurels but instead try to continually improve our service to you. That includes continuing to develop new products and formulations. We have our own development lab, where our skilled chemists put theoretically conceived formulations through their paces on a small scale first of all, before they are produced under series conditions and then, all being well, approved for series production.

Processing of customer formulations

Sometimes we are also given formulations by customers who want us to handle the compounding on their behalf. In such cases our process engineers work out the right mixing process to obtain the expected final product.

High-quality, modern equipment and skilled employees

At RADO we leave nothing to chance. The success of our company is built on four important pillars:

  • Our array of modern machinery and equipment, which thanks to ongoing investment is of the highest quality
  • A computer system optimised for process control
  • Access to raw materials from all over the world and, not least,
  • Our highly experienced employees, who over the course of their time with us have acquired a wealth of technical and process knowledge.

By physically separating fluoro, silicone and speciality rubber compounds and compounding them on dedicated production lines, we exclude any possibility of contamination and can guarantee 100-percent clean products.

Safety and flexibility

RADO has developed a sophisticated contingency strategy which comes into play in the event of sudden bottlenecks in terms of energy, IT, raw materials, resources or personnel or the stoppage of individual production lines. Firstly, we have backup facilities at our Radevormwald site, to which we can transfer production for a short time. Secondly, we can switch to our backup plant in Viernheim to maintain our ability to supply our customers.

Regular training on backup formulations ensures that we are always prepared for the worst-case scenario and can respond as quickly as possible.

Rolf Müller
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