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RADO production sites and divisions

RADO manufactures rubber compounds based on all common rubber types (around 20 to 25 different types). Depending on the rubber type, which gives a mix its distinctive character, RADO differentiates between three groups:

  • Mixes based on fluoro rubber
  • Mixes based on silicone rubber
  • Mixes based on all other rubber types

RADO also operates three separate divisions corresponding to these groups. Each division has its own production facilities, all of which are based in Radevormwald:

RADO's subsidiary Viernheim Rubber GmbH (VRG)

RADO's subsidiary Viernheim Rubber GmbH (VRG) is also part of the General Compounding division in principle.

However, the main function of the Viernheim plant is to provide a backup solution. In the rare event of a production stoppage in Radevormwald due to an emergency situation, production could be transferred to VRG and continued.

  • RADO Gummi GmbH RADO Head Office 42477 Radevormwald Ülfe-Wuppertal-Str. 17-19 +49 2195 674-0 +49 2195 674-110
  • RADO Gummi GmbH Fluorine Competence Centre 42477 Radevormwald Raiffeisenstrasse 2
  • RADO Gummi GmbH Silicone Division 42477 Radevormwald Ülfe-Wuppertal-Str. 17-19
  • Viernheim Rubber GmbH (VRG) Backup Compounding 68519 Viernheim Neuer Weg 4
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