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As well as offering an extensive range of formulations for rubber compounds, RADO can also draw upon the skills and expertise developed over decades of service to the industry. Our top-grade equipment includes several specific compounding units, roll mills and special units for shaping the compounds.

Development of new formulations and process technologies

Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to improve existing formulations and to develop and introduce new compounds in accordance with customer requirements. Our chemists at RADO start by producing small laboratory batches, which they analyse to ensure they have the desired properties. Once a formulation is ready for series production, we are able to successfully put into practice the knowledge we have acquired in the laboratory.

What's more, RADO is not only involved in producing compounds and developing formulations – we also design the necessary process technologies.

RADO – benefits for you

As a major company in the fluorocarbon rubber sector, RADO can offer you the following benefits:

  • All polymers covered
  • Experienced personnel (low turnover, long service)
  • Modern, reliable equipment
  • In-depth technical understanding and process expertise
  • Good in-house product development
  • Modern test equipment
  • Accurate testing of starting materials and finished products

Whether you are looking for elastomers, process technology or specific problem solutions – RADO and its employees are always on top of the latest developments.

Rolf Müller
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