Problem-solving – stretching the boundaries of technology and overcoming challenges

Problems are highly individual and demand tailor-made solutions. With our vast knowledge of process technology and our expertise in materials, we can help you cope with challenges that leave others baffled.

Our aim: to solve our customers' problems

If you are getting nowhere with standard solutions and looking for alternatives, then we are here to offer you the benefits of our many years' experience. We can develop new processes and/or formulations for you and turn concepts into market-ready products. We keep on going when others would have long since given up.

RADO can develop and produce any type of rubber compound for you, which means that we can supply compounds that you would not find anywhere else.

Our services to your company

Our customers reap the benefits of RADO's strength and expertise. With our flexibility, our high-tech equipment and our network of premium suppliers, we can meet all your requirements – from standard products to specialty compounds.

RADO customers benefit from:

  • Top product quality from triple A-rated suppliers
  • Higher-grade products through better raw material quality
  • Outstanding purity thanks to the use of ultra-fine strainers

RADO's portfolio includes hundreds of rubber compounds based on more than 1000 raw materials. Depending on the base formulation, the various mixes offer a broad spectrum of properties to meet a diverse range of needs and requirements.

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