Safety and quality – the most important success factors for RADO

At RADO we have set ourselves the goal of continuously improving the quality of our products while at the same time ensuring high safety standards. Each of our employees takes responsibility for their own actions and for meeting our company objectives.

Top-class equipment and excellent employee skills

RADO manufactures clean, high-quality products in a variety of different formats. To enable us to do so, we need top-grade equipment, which meets all the requirements for modern, safe production facilities.

Just as important are our highly experienced employees, who undergo regular training to further enhance their technical and process expertise and to keep up-to-date about the latest development and production techniques. The reason for the low turnover and length of service of our employees lies, we believe, in the appreciative, staff-oriented company culture that has developed over the years at RADO.

Safety and flexibility in critical situations

We at RADO can't afford production stoppages any more than you can. That is why we have developed a sophisticated emergency strategy which safeguards manufacturing too if some kind of crisis leads to sudden bottlenecks in terms of energy, IT, raw materials, resources or personnel.

We can even deal with the total loss of individual production lines. We have our own backup facilities available at our Radevormwald site.

But if necessary we can also transfer production for a short time to our backup works in Viernheim in the state of Hesse.

By producing different materials in physically separate facilities, we can prevent contamination even in the event of the most serious emergency. Regular training on backup formulations enables us to respond quickly even in difficult situations and to continue producing to our usual standards with no significant delays.

Rolf Müller
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