RADO Gummi GmbH – specialist in high-quality rubber compounds

Founded in 1959 by the Dornseif brothers in Radevormwald to produce rubber wheels for roller skates, RADO now supplies customers in Germany and far beyond with a wide array of high-grade rubber compounds.

Our core skills – rubber compounds of all varieties

With over 70 employees, many of them of very long standing, RADO produces several thousand tonnes per year of a wide variety of compounds. Conveniently located in Radevormwald, in the centre of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, our company enjoys an excellent logistical infrastructure and is readily accessible to both customers and suppliers.

Concentrating on technical rubber items, RADO has found its niche primarily in manufacturing demanding speciality products for the automotive industry. A majority of RADO's customers also operate in this sector. Our special relationship with this sector is rooted in the fact that until 2006 the company was a subsidiary of Hella AG, one of world's top 100 automotive suppliers.

RADO production sites

For over 25 years, RADO has specialised purely in rubber compounding. Producing rubber compounds is our core business, but we avoid the mass and tyre compound markets and instead concentrate on specialist solutions for our customers. Our company profits from a targeted sales strategy and the ability to keep on identifying new applications and business opportunities for our tailor-made rubber compounds.

Based on the underlying rubber type, we have three product groups, which are represented by three separate divisions.

Mixes based on fluorocarbon rubber

At our Fluorine Competence Centre (FCC) on Raiffeisenstraße in Radevormwald we produce our fluorocarbon rubber compounds, which are mainly used in the automotive sector.

Mixes based on silicone rubber

The Silicones division and associated specialist plant are located in close proximity to our head office in Radevormwald. Here we manufacture high-quality silicone rubber compounds, which are used mostly in the electrical industry but also in the automotive sector, machine building and the food industry.

Mixes based on speciality rubber types

At our main factory on Ülfe-Wuppertal-Straße in Radevormwald we produce several thousand tonnes per year of compounds based on nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, EPDM, acrylic rubber and natural rubber, along with many other variants, which can be found in all sorts of products in many different sectors.

RADO's subsidiary Viernheim Rubber GmbH (VRG)

Our subsidiary is also part of the General Compounding division in principle. But the main function of VGR is to provide a backup solution. In the event of an emergency situation in Radevormwald in the form of an unforeseen interruption to operations, we could transfer production to Viernheim for a short time and continue there with no great delays. This extremely convenient arrangement is not only beneficial for us, but it also gives our customers and their supply chain partners a reassuring sense of security.

Rolf Müller
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