Service – at RADO the customer takes centre stage

Here at RADO, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Meeting your specific needs and requirements is our primary objective and the engine that drives our business. That is why we rely on:

  • Top-quality products and service
  • Premium suppliers and products
  • Avoiding environmental pollution and conserving resources, with the aim of making a tangible contribution to maintaining an environment worth living in
  • Complying with existing laws, regulations and official requirements and acting in accordance with the law in all respects

Our directors are here to help you

To ensure that your projects run as smoothly as possible, RADO's directors are involved in all business processes (end-to-end) – from purchasing through to sales. Our directors bring their broad expertise and years of experience into day-to-day operations and act as your personal contacts. Known and respected in the industry, they are valued above all for their discretion and professionalism.

Our premium service offers preferential treatment in the processing and management of orders and in terms of delivery times.

Always the right formulation – even for tricky cases

RADO sees itself as a problem solver for difficult tasks. Avoiding mass compounding, we concentrate on speciality and customised requirements. The tricky problems that defeat other companies are what we live for.

Developing custom formulations to your own requirements

In our in-house development lab our experienced chemists work on application-related problems for our customers, develop individual rubber formulations and test new products under production conditions on a small scale. If the properties of a development product fully match the customer's specification and if a mix produced under series conditions meets their expectations, then the new formulation is ready for series production.

Mixing to customer formulations

RADO's developers can help you to improve the properties of your products. We are happy to add your formulations to our computer system and take on compounding on your behalf. With their years of experience and expertise, our process engineers can design the mixing process to ensure that the end product is exactly what you want.

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