Backup – contingency strategy protects RADO from production stoppages

A production stoppage is an absolute worst-case scenario. Whether planned or otherwise – plants that are not producing very quickly start to cost a lot of money. With RADO there's no need to worry about such a desperate situation. Our carefully planned contingency strategy safeguards you and us completely if the availability of energy, computer systems, resources, raw materials or personnel can no longer be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Backup facilities in Radevormwald

To protect it against any disasters, RADO has developed a sophisticated contingency plan for machinery and parts in Radevormwald. We have duplicates of every critical machine part, which can be quickly brought into operation in case of need. Essentially, our contingency plan is comparable to the redundancy concept in aircraft. If an engine fails, there is always at least one more to land the plane safely. This type of contingency plan is especially beneficial in critical industries that rely on just-in-time delivery, like the automotive industry.

Backup plant in Viernheim, Hesse

Our subsidiary, Viernheim Rubber GmbH, is a rubber compounder like RADO. It too has modern, reliable mixing plants with computer-controlled process technology.

Our skilled staff based at the site have been producing top-grade rubber compounds there for many years. Thanks to generous plant design and the build-up of sprint capacities, the company is able to step in at any time as a full backup plant, to take over substantial parts of production in the event of a sudden major production stoppage at RADO and to maintain our ability to supply to our customers as effectively as possible.

Our service to you: RADO can take on part of your production

If you are looking for a company to step into the breach for you in an emergency, then RADO is the partner for you. We keep various raw materials in stock at all times, so we can seamlessly take on part of your compounding in case of need.

Rolf Müller
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